Parish Directory
Elevation of the Holy Cross Church
Russian Mission, AK 99657

Diocese of Alaska
Russian Mission / Yukon Deanery
V. Rev. Peter Askoar
PO Box 70
Russian Mission, AK 99657
Home: 907-584-5135
Rev. John Larson
Associate Priest
PO Box 32382
Mountain Village, AK 99632
Home: 907-584-2101
More Information:

Founded 1843

Schedule of Services

7 PM Vigil.
Saturday Evening

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy.
Sunday Morning

7:00 PM Vigil.
Eves of Great Feasts

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy.
Mornings of Great Feasts

Holy Week:  services are held at 10 AM and 6 PM.  On Holy Friday, Royal Hours are at 10 AM, Vespers at 2 PM and Matins with Praises at 6 PM.  Call for schedule.
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Parish Background

The village of Russian Mission was established around 1836 with the arrival of the first Russian Missionaries to this area.  When Fr Yakov Netsvetov (canonized a Saint in 1994) settled here, he felt this was the area where people in the Kuskokwin area would travel to.  He built the first church in Russian Mission in 1849.  Prior to that, services were held in a tent which was used in various places.  Some of the liturgical items from that time are still being used today.

A new church was built in 1997.  It is believed that this is the fifth church in Russian Mission.  It is also believed that at some point a Cathedral was in Russian Mission.

At this time there are a little more than 300 people living in the village of Russian Mission, most of whom are Orthodox Christians.  The native name for Russian Mission is “Iqurmiut”, which means “people of the point”.