Parish Directory
SS. Peter and Paul Church
PO Box 193
St. Paul, AK 99660

Diocese of Alaska
Aleutian Deanery
Rev. Deacon John Kudrin
cell:  907-512-6230
Ecclesiatical Calendar:Old Calendar (Julian)
More Information:

Founded in 1830

Schedule of Services

9:30 AM Hours and Divine Liturgy.  On alternate Sundays, Potluch and Fellowship Hour follows.
Sunday Morning

6:30 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
Wednesday & Friday Evenings During Great Lent

6:30 PM Vigil (Vespers with Litiya and Matins) and Confessions.
Eves of Great Feasts

9:00 AM Hours and Divine Liturgy.
Mornings of Great Feasts

Parish Background

The parish and community of St Paul Island celebrated its Bi-Centennial in 1987.  It must be understood that as the largest Aleut community in the world, and as past of the Aleut Nation, we have been Christian for only 200 years.  This has enabled us to have a more unique understanding of Christianity, as well as some very interesting developments as indigenous people in regards to Christianity.

Most of our worship services are done in English, although we use Church Slavonic and Aleut at times.  During Christmas, (we are still on the Old Calendar) we go from house to house using a large star, often referred to as “Starring,” singing the Troparion/Kontakion and other Christmas hymns at each home, after which refreshments are prepared for all participants in each home.